At St. Paul's we're proud of the fact that we're getting better and better all the time at our mission: "Welcoming and serving all in Christ's Name."

As a result there is no such thing as your "average" St. Paul's parishioner. Some of us have been worshiping at St. Paul's for over 60 years. More and more of us are thirty-somethings and under. And our Sunday School is experiencing more growth than we've seen in years. We are white, African-American, Latino, Haitian, Indian, carnivores, locavores, vegans, blue-collar, white collar, straight, gay and lesbian, married, single, left, right, and center – all supporting each other in our quest to know and love God, our neighbors, and ourselves better.

Many persons alienated by the faith traditions in which they were raised have found St. Paul's a place where they are affirmed as full members of the Body of Christ. This has been especially true for the growing LGBTQ+ community at St. Paul's. In addition, those who seek to worship in the Catholic tradition – and who find The Episcopal Church's commitment to inclusivity liberating and its respect for critical thinking refreshing – increasingly seek out St. Paul's.

It's easy to see, then, why we say at St. Paul's, "It takes all kinds!"