St. Paul's paradeOur mission at Saint Paul's is "Welcoming and serving all in Christ's Name."

That means we're inclusive. We welcome absolutely everybody – young and old, married, single and divorced, gay and straight, seekers and long-time church-goers.

We value radical love ― love for God and neighbor – the kind of love Jesus Christ lived. We work on that a lot. Sometimes we even succeed! Most of the time we recognize we're all works in progress.

We also interact a lot with each other and with God. Especially when we have questions and doubts. We don't come to Saint Paul's thinking we have all the answers.

And we're not here just for ourselves.

That's why we're inviting you to worship, learn, and grow with us.



Regular Sunday Schedule

10 am  Sung Mass: Rite II


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The Episcopal Church in Malden
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